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I'm Alan McFarland,
Senior Electronics Designer & Engineer
for Film Production and
Custom Creative Experiences

About Me

I love an engaging creative and technical challenge.

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I specialize in designing custom electronics, embedded control systems, lighting and animatronics for motion picture, retail displays and entertainment events. I have a background in cinematography, electronic engineering and circuit board design with extensive experience in embedded systems programming for microcontrollers, spanning work environments from retail and marketing agencies to theme parks and motion pictures.


A selection of projects I have worked on.

FX Lighting Electronics

Tron: Legacy

Motion Capture Suit Electronics


Miniature FX Lighting

The Fifth Element

Wearable Electronics Design

Star Trek: First Contact


There is always somebody behind the curtain making the magic happen. At the Magic Castle, that person is Alan McFarland. By means of his technical skills, we are able to show new, interesting, and innovative effects to our audiences. His work will amaze you and probably already has in his extensive special effects film work. We rely on him, and you can too. He has my greatest recommendation as a co-worker, as a technologist and as an effects wizard.

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